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Now: Persky appeared in the films ' Coneheads,' ' Pontiac Moon,' Female Perversions,' and ' The Dogwalker.' She also guest-starred on several TV shows, including ' Designing Women,' ' Murphy Brown,' ' The X-Files,' and ' NYPD Blue.' She's a founding editor of The Los Angeles Review of Books, and continues to work as a journalist and a photographer, with her work appearing in publications such as The Los Angeles Times and LA Weekly.Then: Michelle Nicastro played Amanda Reese, Harry's college sweetheart and the woman who introduces him to Sally in the first place.

Andy broke off their engagement when Jill began getting closer to Jabot Cosmetics tycoon John Abbott. After coming to the conclusion that Jack Abbott wasn't worth her time, Diane focused on a new love, Andy.

Then: Lisa Jane Persky played Alice, one of Sally's friends.

Persky had previously appeared in films like ' Peggy Sue Got Married' and ' Great Balls of Fire.' In addition to acting, Persky was also a journalist and photographer, and one of the founding members of the New York Rocker magazine staff, and she participated in the development of the early CBGB music scene.

Ford was then known for his role on daytime soap ' The Young and the Restless.' Now: Ford went on to host the short-lived early '90s series ' Secret Service, and guest-starred on shows like ' JAG,' ' Baywatch,' and ' Walker, Texas Ranger.' He's had supporting roles as military characters in ' Contact,' ' Starship Troopers,' ' Armageddon,' ' Black Hawk Down,' and ' Transformers.' Ford serves on the board of trustees for the Gerald R.

Ford Foundation, and uses his spare time to give to charitable causes and deliver motivational speeches to student groups on the topic of alcoholism.

In 1981, Andy quit his job working as a bartender at The Bayou and began working as a partner in the Williams & Richards detective agency. She attempted to convince him to take a higher-paying job, and he eventually proposed marriage to her.

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