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Daily English includes dialogues and stories using conversational American English, with detailed explanations of how to use each of the key expressions and idioms.

Lessons include a 20-minute audio file plus a Learning Guide, and take approximately 60 minutes each to complete (audio plus written materials). Topics include: Business, Travel/Transportation, Daily Life, Medicine/Health, Relationships, Shopping, Dining, and Entertainment.

The company current serves over 500 markets in 44 countries worldwide.

should go, spur of the moment, slam dunk, relatively vs.

Topics: State of Illinois; British versus American English; just versus only; to decide versus to make up one’s mind; "in the eye of the beholder"; behind versus beyond, MIA; for my part versus on my part; pronouncing sheep, ship, feet, and fit Topics: Popular words in the US media, People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive, to make a spectacle of yourself, to go berserk, basically, "I'm whooped," doozy, fault vs. error, David versus Goliath Topics: Mothers Day and Fathers Day, Seattle, TV show “24,” should be going vs. Seuss books, pronouncing sin, sing, hit, heat, and hate; about six o’clock versus around six o’clock; What I wouldn’t give versus What I would give; I couldn’t care less versus I could care less Topics: the Pledge of Allegiance, tomato as fruit versus vegetable, to be raised versus to grow up, buy versus purchase, to take the bull by the horns, can versus may versus could when asking for permission Topics: Cities: Tucson, Arizona (Interview with Dr.

Please honor your company’s commitment and refund the purchase. cant use name/password as groupon put hold on acct. michael rapport Reply In early August I purchased two Groupon’s for an NFL event on August 31st, which by the way is this evening.

The gift card was a gift from my daughter for Christmas and I would like to use it as I wish. want to return product (2 bags of dog bones – do not own a dog). The voucher states that the tickets would be issued no later than 24 hours of the event. With no resolution in sight from Groupon, I contacted a company

The site grew extremely rapidly after launching and quickly expanded to other major US cities such as Boston and New York City.

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