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However, Io T has other, equally critical requirements in the security and networking space that cannot be overlooked.Let us take a deeper look at the tectonic shift happening now in the field of AI.This need exists today and will be further exacerbated as 5G networks open the gates (with a 10X bandwidth increase) for new industries to deliver innovative services over the telecom service provider networks.For example, Io T sensors of various types and self-driving cars will add to the data traffic already generated by mobile devices such as smart phones.According to a recent Jefferies report, the fourth wave of computing has started and it is being driven by the adoption of Io T with parallel processing as the solution.Tectonic shifts in computing have been caused by major forces dating back to the 1960s.The ability to split the network into “slices” will be key to ensuring the right service levels are guaranteed for different types of traffic.

The impact to latency and related service levels are also significant.

Like a GPU, the NFP can execute multiple tasks in parallel.

Unlike a GPU that can execute only similar tasks in parallel, the NFP can execute multiple different tasks in parallel as well – a feature needed in network security.

This need is amplified by the growing amount of data traffic that traverses within the data center.

A second key shift in the paradigm is the need for traffic visibility for performing telemetry on network traffic or blocking rogue traffic flows.

With each shift, new solution providers have emerged as prominent suppliers.

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