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MY Orderly Room NCOIC told me today that it is possible to go online and add your own promotion points somehow?

Plus I think I'm going to have to go to S1 anyway to add my aam to the erb as well as the rest of my accp courses and to see if I can use my apft scorecard. You have been on profile for 3, and it's been extended for another 3, that's six months.

PT-I am on a profile now and can't run will they accept my APFT scorecard for points even though I don't have a permanet profile I am on profile until late Jan. I maxed the pushups and situps and passed the walk.

Instead I went to S1 and they updated my points and put everything on my ERB.

I wish I knew that if I would of put it in by the 8th it counts for the next month.

Weapon Qual has also been changed, Weapon quals are now valid for 24 months.

This is to give the soldier the opportunity to submist the best score possible. If you're on perm profile and you're working for promotion points, your walk score is the average of push ups and sit ups.

Is there an AR or FM I can get a print out of to PROVE for a fact that all I need to do is have the S1 add them w/o a board? If your promotion points are higher than the 350 the list gives you, you must go to the board. I've worked my ass off for what seems like nothing. However, without looking it up, if a Soldier approached you and asked you what FM they needed to research a question in Survival, Physical Security, or even Drill and Ceremonies would you be able to spout it out? (I know that no one knows everything, but you should be able to give them a starting point.)I do agree that going to the board doesn't make you a leader or NCO.

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