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For those who prefer to participate via an NNTP (newsgroup) interface, a gateway to the Boost mailing list is available at news://news.gmane.org/lib.boost.devel.Archives of Boost messages include the Boost GMane NNTP Archive and of course there is a Google search link for our Mail Man Archive on our home page.The Python C -sig is not strictly Boost-specific, but nearly all the traffic concerns Boost. It is highly recommended that new subscribers read through the message history from the beginning before posting; it will save time as much design progress has already been made. Both have GMane NNTP access (Spirit-general and Spirit-devel) with searchable archives ( Spirit-general and Spirit-devel).GMane provides NNTP access and Searchable Archives as well. The mailing list for the Boost Documentation System is located here.Development of the experimental CMake build system is being coordinated on the Boost CMake mailing list.Any questions about CMake should be asked here and not on the main Boost. GMane provides NNTP access and Searchable Archives. You can join the mailing list, GMane provides NNTP access and Searchable Archives as well. The Language Binding list is for discussion of a generalized framework for binding C to other languages and systems based on the technology of Boost. The plan is to provide a single front-end for describing bindings with runtime-pluggable back ends for binding to specific languages. Spirit-general for Spirit users and Spirit-devel for Spirit developers (open to anyone who wishes to hang out with Spirit coders).A separate user and developer mailing list for Boost u BLAS specific topics is located here.

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It is where the formal reviews of proposed libraries take place. When we talk about the "members of Boost", we are talking about those signed up for this main mailing list.On topic messages will include announcements of books, magazine articles, papers, talks, seminars, products, tools, events, or conferences on advanced uses of C , generic/generative/meta-programming, and, of course, the Boost libraries. Job postings are accepted at the moderators' discretion.Subscribe or unsubscribe at the Boost-Interest home page.Important: questions relevant to a wider audience, including questions about Boost.Test framework or test results for a particular library, should be posted to main development list.This list is oriented toward casual users of the Boost libraries.

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