Updating of any drivers windows 7 1 4 0 46

I have often wondered why on Earth did Microsoft decide to deliver Windows XP Home Edition with many unsafe security settings as defaults, and without the tools to improve security?

Well, that said, I didn't bother until I found out that the laptop I wanted was available only with Windows XP Home Edition preinstalled.

By keeping the primary system partition (C:) below the 137 GB boundary, this was no problem.

After installing Windows 2000 I immediately added the registry value mentioned in the Q305098 Knowledge Base article.

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After some experimenting I found that I could use the following command to allow hot-swapping again: It had to be run each time a card was inserted or ejected. A couple of weeks later I read this article SATA: Hot Plugging Drives Under Windows 2000/XP, and found Hot Swap! Later I found out a defective mouse was causing the problem, but by then I already tried tweak 6."[vendor name] recommends using Windows XP Professional" and then that same vendor delivers XP Home only. So for a while I used CACLS whenever I needed to change permissions for files or folders.CACLS is a great tool for setting permissions unattendedly, but I wouldn't recommend for ad hoc use.A better solution is a tip by Gilles Pion on Doug Knox's site: install Microsoft's Security Configuration Manager Tool for important) before trying unsupported workarounds like this!The most elaborate method I found was one by Reinhard Tchorz, explained by Axel Vahldiek in the July/August 2005 issue of c't Magazine.I removed the extended partition with the logical drives and recreated the extended partition, this time using all available disk space.

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