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Much of the HRO's engineering seemed to contradict everything that was happening with contemporary receiver design.Why did a receiver that seemed to defy then-modern communications receiver evolution become such a favorite of hams, the military and commercial users?By providing absolutely the best low noise front-end resulting in high sensitivity coupled with an incredibly well-designed tuning system along with tremendous bandspread capability, giving the user the ultimate advantage when it came to working rare DX or coping with challenging band conditions. Rogers, April 2007 The HRO design owes much to its predecessor, the AGS receiver.The AGS was developed to fulfill a contract with the Department of Commerce for modern receivers for airports in 1932.Double shielding would be used on the coils for frequency stability and the coil set would be located at the bottom of the receiver, away from heat.For the additional ham market, a bandspread option on the plug-in coils that had been popular with the SW-3, FB-7 and the AGS and would be continued with the HRO - National was not going to exclude the very profitable ham market.

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Hoover, of course, contacted James Millen at National Co., since the creation of a "sophisticated" design was going to require the expertise that National had gained building the AGS receivers.W9DXX, Alice Bourke, Chicago, IL ca.1935 - from Frank C. This interesting photo shows a very early HRO receiver with a PEAK Pre-selector to the left and a 1934 AGS-X receiver to the right.Alice Bourke was a reporter for the Chicago Tribune along with being very active in ham radio.Dial accuracy was a difficult problem to solve and required tight specifications on many of the components used in each receiver.The tuning condenser drive used a spring-loaded split-gear driven by a spring-preloaded worm gear eliminating any backlash.The accuracy of the Type-N vernier dial was excellent and the receiver's sensitivity quite good.

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