Updating d300 firmware


Yep, they squeezed in the last couple of weeks of 2014 and captured my #1 fave camera of the year.

My # is the Sony A7s, and those who know me and know this website know that I LOVE the Sony A7s.

The draw and rendering of this lens is nothing short of breathtaking in the right circumstances, something that is not easy to achieve every time you use it but one thing is for sure, when you DO use this lens it will deliver a WOW rendering that most non camera people will rave over.

The Auto Focus could/can see in and focus in the dark, even without an AF assist light.

So the A7s has been my #1 camera ever since it was launched.

But if I could make a change or two the 1st would be to the BATTERY.

The battery life is not so hot with the A7II and seems worse than it does with my A7s.

On the A7II you will get 3 Axis IS with manual Leica M lenses, still a wonderful IS system that helps eliminate the shakes. Best ND I have ever used and allows wide open aperture in full sunlight which gives an altogether different effect.

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