Updating a registry key command

You usually export a registry file or SASXREG file, when you are preparing a backup registry file.

You can export a complete registry or just part of a registry.

If you need to use that copy of the registry to restore a broken copy of the registry, then any changes to the registry after the copy date are lost.

Citrix cannot guarantee that problems resulting from incorrect use of Registry Editor can be solved. Make sure you back up the registry before you edit it. Installs single sign-on (pass-through) authentication. This option is required for smart card single sign on.

The related option, ENABLE_SSON, is enabled when /include SSON is on the command line.

filename mycolors temp; data _null_; file "mycolors"; put "[colornames\html]"; put ' "rojo"=hex:ff,00,00'; put ' "verde"=hex:00,ff,00'; put ' "azul"=hex:00,00,ff'; put ' "blanco"=hex:ff,ff,ff'; put ' "negro"=hex:00,00,00'; put ' "anaranjado"=hex:ff,a5,00'; run; proc registry import="mycolornames"; run; After you add these colors to the registry, you can use these color names anywhere that you use the color names supplied by SAS.

For example, you could use the color name in the GOPTIONS statement as shown in the following code: The best way to view the contents of the registry is using the Registry Editor.

The other registry view displays both SASUSER and SASHELP items in separate trees in the Registry Editor's left pane.

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