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The two men were on a stag night dressed as transvestites when two thugs shouted insults as they walked past.But the louts didn't know that under the wigs, make-up and dresses were two of Britain's toughest cage-fighters out for a night of fun.Both were keen schoolboy boxers from the age of 12 who turned to cage-fighting after seeing it on television.Their manager John Phillips, 24, is also a cage-fighter, who was dressed up a Tina Turner on the night.

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CCTV cameras then followed the dazed pair staggering down the road before being picked up by police.

Mark Davies, defending, said said: 'You know it cannot have been a good night when you get into a fight with two cross-dressing men.'Unfortunately they were extremely drunk.'They had been out drinking jugs of cocktails and that Fender had drunk at least 10 pints of cider.'Both Gardener and Fender from Bonymaen, Swansea, pleaded guilty to using abusive words and behaviour.

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Back in January, the Atlanta rapper dropped a tribute record to Martin Luther King Jr.

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