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But when Father Mark's enthusiasm for Olivia's prose develops into something more, Olivia's emotions quickly shift from wonder to confusion to despair. I feel like if I touch it I will go up in flames or the pages might bite. Isn't it just a matter of grabbing hold of the stack and moving it in front of my eyes so my eyes will begin to scan those black marks on the page which will magically arrange themselves into words that my brain will recognize and understand and voilà, I'm finished before I know it? If it's not dinner that saves me lately, it's sleep, and if it's not sleep it's, oh, I don't know, cleaning my room, scrubbing the toilet. I took the Lord's name in vain and it doesn't feel half bad. I wonder whether he means what he says, about being in touch again soon, but this question is answered almost immediately. Maybe only a minute passes before I can't help myself any longer and I give in, digging the cell out of my bag and texting them, Come 4 dinner 2nite, BIG News (!!!!!!!!

Exactly what game is Father Mark playing, and how on earth can she get out of it? Then, when he asks, because he will ask, I'll be able to answer truthfully, "Yes, I read it. Just about anything sounds more appealing than dealing with some God Damn demand fromhim. Before he leaves the room, before he goes, he turns and smiles and looks at me like I am a gift from God, and for a moment I feel like maybe I am. My cell pings with texts and I know it's Ash and Jada, but I am not quite ready to confirm what they suspect. ) SWAK, and then shove the phone back under my books.

The volume offers original and engaging essays on a variety of topics, from the hook-up culture and dating violence, to cohabitation and homosexuality, to contraception and natural family planning, to the promises and pitfalls of "the theology of the body." The authors display a fresh engagement with these issues in conversation with the Christian tradition and with contemporary culture. She has written more about singleness and the relationship between singleness and marriage in her book Water is Thicker than Blood: An Augustinian Theology of Marriage and Singleness (Oxford UP, 2008). Joseph in Cincinnati before returning home to New Orleans.

David Cloutier provides an introduction that locates this work within the past decades of Catholic scholarship, and articulates new categories for future work. Florence Caffrey Bourg is the author of Where Two or Three Are Gathered: Christian Families as Domestic Churches (University of Notre Dame Press), as well as many articles and reviews on theology of marriage and family. She now teaches at the Academy of the Sacred Heart, and has been a visiting professor at Loyola University and Springhill College.

The authors take the warring personalisms of decades past and present and nest them in the setting of 'home.' The resulting essays, suitable for use in both undergraduate and graduate moral theology courses, offer refreshing takes on hard questions." --WILLIAM L.

"In addition to getting your story published," he says, pausing, drawing the moment out, letting the strength of his connections sink in, "you will receive a ,000 scholarship to the college of your choice, and of course, a spot in my HMU summer fiction seminar.""My sister is a junior at Holy Mary University," I say, as if this matters and because I can't think of anything else, trying to stay calm, feet firm on the floor, resisting the urge to jump up and down because I want to appear older than my seventeen years and poised, like Ashley and Jada said I am."It was an easy decision."Easy, he says. Sunlight streams through the only window, its rays landing in the space between us, and I see him through the specs of dust that shine like glitter in the light."Your writing reveals a maturity beyond your years," he says, his eyes locking on mine for an instant, and then looks at his watch.

Brendan makes it official, his voice like velvet, and I want to reach out and smooth my hand across those words as they ripple the air.

PORTIER, Mary Ann Spearin Chair of Catholic Theology, University of Dayton "By countering the trivialization, as well as overly glorified accounts, of sex and marriage, the authors of Leaving and Coming Home convincingly argue that any Christian understanding of sexuality and marriage must be incorporated into a theology of discipleship and connected to the practices of the Christian life.

Challenging and engaging, each of the essays offers a liberating alternative to contemporary notions of sex and marriage by demonstrating that the fundamental purpose of both is to deepen our ability to love God and neighbor." --PAUL J. Norbert College, De Pere, Wisconsin "Leaving and Coming Home offers wide-ranging treatments and fresh perspectives on issues in sexual ethics, both new and old.

The blend of voices from different points on the theological spectrum is harmonized in a shared attention to practices--understood not just as sociological descriptions of human behaviors, but as productive of virtue and vice within persons and communities.

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