Socialist dating


The high unemployment among the youth, in Europe especially, also has driven younger women to now seek older men for husbands who are (1) mature and not addicted to video games, and (2) have the means to support a family.

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Does that make us all “capitalists”, like little 19 century mill owners? Economic power has been divorced from corporate ownership. Another wrinkle is that today’s most dynamic companies – think Google, Amazon and Uber – actually have very little “capital” in the classic meaning of the word.Swap “foolish consistency” for “foolish label” and one has a good description of our contemporary political discourse. Jeremy Corbyn makes the case for “21 century socialism”. So the party leaders themselves inform us in their speeches. And that ownership conferred immense economic power and social authority, as factory bosses could determine the wages and conditions of the workers. The concept of capitalism dates back to the Industrial Revolution, when wealthy entrepreneurs owned the new physical “capital” that was made possible by advances in technology.Culture is changing and much seems to be reverting back to the way it was before Socialism.Before the 1930s, there was typically a large age difference between couples.The value of such firms derives not from tangible equipment or commodities, but from their intellectual property, from the expertise of their high-skilled employees and, increasingly, their networks and brands.

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