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Avatars These are small images/icons included on some Forums whenever you post, to represent you. Never use your actual photograph (or anyone else’s) for your Avatar, don’t use a vulgar image and don’t take images from anywhere online that you do not have permission to use because that could be a breach of someone else’s copyright.

Signatures Many online discussion participants use a custom signature.

You should always follow the basic rules for online safety and Netiquette (online etiquette).

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Try to use a non-provocative Nickname like “Blue Bear.” Profiles Some online discussion areas allow you to include a profile, a little extra information about yourself.Use your common sense Be careful if you meet someone in real life who you only "know" through text messaging.Even though text messaging is often the "next step" after online chatting, that does not mean that it is safer.Your instant messaging program can be a direct link between you and spammers, scammers, identity thieves, online predators and cyberbullies.On this page you will find some basic tips on instant messaging safety: These are not the only safety issues related to using Instant Messaging clients.Think about the message you are sending and use emoticons to convey the meaning of your text, like lol (laughing out loud) and.

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