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You should be at home, reading/watching Harry Potter. That platform’s not the only thing that’s nine inches??” Response 2: “I’ve always been more of an Emma Watson fan.” Response 3: “Luna? ” Response three guy; get your ass home and let your Harry Potter education commence.A success in that none of us got punched in the face anyway.An absolute classic and one of my favourites – can’t imagine Michael Mc Conaughey saying this in his Southern drawl? Response 1: “I’m not such a fan of the whiskey but buy me a G&T and I’m all yours.” Response 2: “Might want to go to Specsavers.” Response 3: “DAMN.” Before this encounter I had no idea Tennessee whiskey existed which led to a considerable amount of Harry Shukman The thicc wife guy, as you will recall, was an extreme dumbass who posted about how he loved his "curvy wife." He was roasted into oblivion last summer for uploading these deeply patronizing and unnerving words to Instagram:"Her shape and size won't be the one featured on the cover of Cosmopolitan but it's the one…by Katie Way So you're talking to your roommate and you casually mention that you kind of need a haircut.And be sure to check the "deleted items" or "trash" folder.People frequently let their discarded emails linger for weeks before they're permanently erased.

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The video was leaked when Star Brim, Cardi B's "best friend," shared a video on Instagram of Chyna giving…As I drunkenly slurred to him in the middle of the club, it’s appalling not to have read it.Needless to say he hadn’t but I like to think he looked a bit ashamed.Pick up lines – a lost art akin to pocket watches and girls swooning for no reason Emily Bronte style (they probably just wanted five minutes of peace from all the overbearing male figures in their lives).I would always rather be approached with the cheesiest and silliest of pick up lines than a shadowy figure wordlessly deciding to grind behind me. (And by the world, I mean the several unsuspecting guys in a club that my friends and I lassoed with pick up lines).Three shots of tequila later, order was restored and they were feeling brave, so off we went: Response 1: “Sorry mate, bins went out on Tuesday.” Response 2: “Anytime, darling.” Response 3: “Ooh, manners!

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