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Narcissism is an inherently female trait (and homosexual male trait).Both sexes have their narcissists, but the condition is more prevalent and manifests more acutely in women, who are natural attention whores constitutionally aware that their bodies and faces are their primary means of capturing male interest.I don’t think I’ve seen any photos of the kids who got murdered at all.Generation Z will have two big cohorts: alienated dysfunctional (to a greater or lesser degree) kids who engage in activities ranging from incredibly dedicated online trolling to can’t-get-a-girlfriend PUA forum posting to going crazy and school shooter speedrunning like it’s a videogame and smarmy cold-blooded strivers born on third base whose reaction to traumatic and horrifying experiences is to seek–instantaneously, instinctively, even while bodies are hitting the floor around them– to convert them to clicks, engagement, and fodder to pad college resumes with killer ways to sell themselves as passionate self-starters and change agents, hugely effective at doing exactly what Silicon Valley wants most — generating likes, comments, and shares.

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I am surprised that you don’t draw out the parallel between school shootings and another common theme on this blog — early-onset transgenderism.

“I believe that my 27 years of business background and experience will be an asset to the committee. Riedel also serves on the following committees: Armed Services, Veterans Affairs, and Homeland Security; Finance; Higher Education and Workforce Development; and Ways and Means.

He is in his first term and represents the 82nd House District.

Mollenkopf said her knowledge of the district will be a plus in her new role. Riedel (R-Defiance) was appointed by Ohio House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger (R-Clarksville) as vice chair of the House’s Economic Development, Commerce, and Labor Committee.

The committee receives and reviews legislation that deals with issues ranging from licensing for commercial roofing contractors to workplace requirements regarding the flu vaccine.

Narcissism is being genetically or socially selected for via open borders mass immigration, sexual choice, cultural propaganda, and social atomization.

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