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Using the Moon Cup1, Sailor Moon becomes Super Sailor Moon, making her more powerful.Use that and try out her Rainbow Moon Heart Ache =D -------------- |Sailor Mercury| -------------- Real name: Ami Mizuno Name meaning: "Friend of Water" Birthday: September 10 Horoscope: Virgo Blood type: A Hobby: Chess, reading Gemstone: Sapphire Ami is, no doubt, the brains of the Sailor Senshi. I won't be going to an in-depth biography about this show, as I'm sure you'll find other Sailor Moon fan-based sites that will greatly explain the concept about the anime than I have =P ~*Characters*~ You get all 10 Sailor Senshi/Scout characters in this game. Japan had aired every standard Sailor Moon episodes (from each seasons) as well as airing every movie too. S., Canada, UK, and other countries had not received the fifth and final season because of the 3 Starlight characters in the Stars season. The reason why countries other than Japan didn't get the final season is because they feared what U. dubbers would have done to the Starlights (Seiya, Yaten, and Taiki). All but a few movies were out for sale too (not sure which are the excluded ones other than the Ami Special).She is a good character, but some of her stats are compromising.

I am updating because I have missed out on the Amber Tiara so I've taken care of that. Sorry \= Oh and also a new link tech combination has been discovered. I have finished Chapter 5, formations, accessories, and item sections. As you may have or have not figured it out, this is my very first FAQ ever.

She has an IQ of 300 and her smarts always helps out the Sailor Senshi in almost all situations, making her a valuable Senshi.

She likes to spend most of her time reading books and playing chess.

It started airing in the year 1995 and many viewers couldn't get enough of this show. From the original season, Sailor Moon, to the last season, Sailor Moon Stars. would've caused great confusion by possibly making all 3 of them males (which wouldn't prove how they're females when becoming the Sailor Starlights). Seasons 1-4 were dubbed though so a majority, but insufficient, amount of episodes aired.

People have their own opinions to form about this game's replay value, but personally, I find this game really fun and I'd beat it time and time again =/ Overall rating: 8.8/10 - This is one RPG game I impeccably enjoy. This anime was created by Naoko Takeuchi ( and its debut was in the year 1992. S and Canada gained the rights to this anime and changed the name to "Sailor Moon". dubbers could've mutilated the entirety of the 5th season, thereby Japan withheld the proposition.

She is a bit hot-tempered, but it's just in her nature.

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