Proximity dating for android


Networkr is evidently hoping to emulate that with a clean app that offers easy-to-use toggle and slider controls, and displays each prospect contact in an attractive, card-style format with their photo and job title/employer prominently on show, and additional details available for digging into below the fold.The app asks the user to make a yes/no decision on a prospective contact, by tapping on a button to say whether they are interested or not interested in connecting with them.Whereas Networkr’s proposition is a tad more complex: whether a certain individual might be a worthwhile business contact.

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where there’s a pressing need to lubricate the networking process.The app lets you view potential business matches in your vicinity and then decide whether to connect or not.Its argument is that professional networking is that simple. Another likeminded networking app is Weave, for instance.But there’s one specific scenario where almost everyone would welcome a little help breaking the in-room ice: professional networking.That’s not to say apps haven’t tried to crack this one; there’s Let’s Lunch, for instance, which lets you sign up to have a networking lunch with a nearby professional. The problem such apps often run into is the network effect: Why would anyone use a networking app that no one else is using yet? (On a side-note, Linked In is one company that probably own it, given its existing professional reach.This app wants to help you move your interests forward by upping your networking game.

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