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Then you can place a towel on your lap and pour the hamster into it.

Keep the towel nest-shaped and use your hands to elevate the towel to the side it is trying to leave. Hamsters are nocturnal - they are active at night and sleep during the day. Once they wake up, they will come out of their nest on their own if they are already tame.

Thank you to the Hollywood Foreign Press for giving the show so much love.

It was made with love, guided by the incredible David E.

Keep a cover on the cage so small children can not try to grasp the hamster. In a day or two, when the hamster doesn't appear to fear the pencil, Put some treat into your open hand. Let the hamster come up and sniff your hand and the apple.

It may take the apple and leave for its nest with it.

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The character Celeste is so precious to me and the recognition is deeply appreciated."Meryl Streep, nominated for Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture, Drama, for "The Post" “I’m thrilled for the movie, for Steven [Spielberg] and Tom [Hanks], and for the incredible ensemble of actors who made this movie need its moment in history.

Try to start out with your pet in a room that has no crevices to hide in so you can catch it if it gets away.

Do this in a quiet area without distractions or other pets. Children and owners often loose interest in pet hamsters in a month or so.

Its ears are laid back against its head and its tail is tucked between its legs. It may tremble and keep distance between it and the person or thing it fears. These pets tend to stay close to home and not get into the dangerous situations overly outgoing dogs do.

Some dogs growl when they are frightened or feeling threatened. These are the "scaredy cats" that take several days to recover after a visit to the vets or have to be carried in on their next visit.

Fear and aggression are the two most common behavior problems I see in dogs.

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