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Being so pure, platinum retains its pure white colour and is such a strong material to secure the rubies and diamonds safely.Set with lovely white diamonds and rubies that all have a fabulous strong red colour really makes these earrings stand out so elegantly on the ear.These antique pique earrings are just spectacular and sure to always be admired. Cameos are commonly carved from shell and rarely in harder materials as it takes a true master carver to get the detail when carving into harder material and here is an exquisite pair of antique sardonyx and enamel cameo earrings dating from the 1860's.Sardonyx is a naturally layered material from the quartz family that is layered with white and a soft pink background that when carved allows the carver to show these colours to their best light.The size of these centre diamonds combined with the elegant design of the earrings, really guarantees that they will always be admired and noticed.

Every side has been given the most wonderful attention from the front to the sides and the detail is nothing short of extraordinary.

And the quality of carving for each of these earrings is nothing short of spectacular.

The detail in each is captivating from their faces to the detail in the hair and there is no doubt that this was carved by a master carver.

Each earring is set with twenty four diamonds with both earrings having a total weight of 1.05 carats, and the design that they are set in is just magnificent!

With a lovely flowing design to them that seem to capture the light no matter which way you turn your head, each earrings measures 14.5mm across by an elegant 27.6mm that really allows them to follow the lovely curve of the ear.

Piqué jewellery is a style of jewellery that is simply like no other and can never be reproduced today.

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