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Tinder may amplify these issues, but it didn’t create them. To that end, maybe a dating apocalypse is exactly what we need.Burn it down and start [email protected] You can comment on most stories on The Winnipeg Free Press website.The details might change — we wait by the phone for text messages now instead of calls — but generally speaking, dating is as fraught as it ever was. Back in March, I talked to a few Winnipeg singles, in their late 20s and 30s, who were trying — in vain, mostly — to "use the most shallow dating app to find true love and not just casual sex," to quote Lauren, one of the women I chatted with at the time. Perhaps ascribing ideals onto Tinder is unfair; Tinder is, at its core, a hookup app — swipe left to reject. But not everyone is looking for a relationship and, while we’re generalizing and putting women into Which Character Are You?

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To Sales’ credit, the way some men choose to treat women on Tinder is indeed concerning — that’s why the Instagram Bye Felipe, which shames bad behaviour on online dating platforms, was born.

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But take away the tech — and the moral panic — and what Sales’ is describing sounds a lot like, well, dating.

Let’s take a breath to remember dating was demoralizing long before Tinder came on the scene. Dating is allegedly great for some people — we’ve all heard someone, at some point, wax on about the thrill of the chase — but more often it’s objectively terrible.

At least that’s what Nancy Jo Sales’ much-discussed piece on Tinder for the September issue of would have us believe.

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