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NAB – National Association of Broadcasters NABISCO – NAtional BIScuit COmpany NACS – National Advisory Committee on Semiconductors NAD – Network Access Device NADGE – NATO Air Defense Ground Environment NAG – Numerical Algorithms Group NAGE – National Association of Government Employees NAK – Negative Ac Knowledge NAPAP – National Acid Precipitation Assessment Program NAR – Nuclear Acoustic Resonance NARDAC – NAvy Regional Data Automation Center NAS – National Academy of Sciences NAS – National Advanced Systems NASA – National Aeronautics and Space Administration NASA/GSFC – NASA Goddard Space Flight Center NATO – North Atlantic Treaty Organization NAVDAC – NAVal Data Automation Command NAVSWC – NAV Surface Weapons Center NB – New Brunswick NB – Nota Bene NBA – National Basketball Association NBC – National Broadcasting Company NBFM – Narrow Band Frequency Modulation NBO – Network Build Out NBS – National Bureau of Standards NBVM – Narrow Band Voice Modulation NC – No Charge NC – North Carolina NCA – Network Control Analysis NCC – National Computer Conference NCDC – National Climatic Data Center NCE – New Catholic Edition NCGA – National Computer Graphics Association NCIC – National Cartographic Information Center NCO – Non-Commissioned Officer NCP – Network Control Program NCR – National Cash Register NCS – Network Computing System NCSA – National Center for Supercomputing Applications NCSC – National Computer Security Center NCTL – National Computer and Telecommunications Laboratory NCV – No Commercial Value ND – No Date ND – North Dakota NDA – Non-Disclosure Agreement NDDL – Neutral Data Definition Language NDE – News Development Environment NDEA – National Defense Education Act NDL – Network Database Language NDP – New Democratic Party (Canada)NDSL – National Direct Student Loan NDT – Newfoundland Daylight Time NE – New England NE – North East NEAR – National Electronic Accounting and Reporting system NEB – New English Bible NEC – Nippon Electric Company NEI – Not Elsewhere Included NES – National Energy Strategy NES – Not Elsewhere Specified NESC – National Energy Software Center NET – NETwork NET – National Educational Television NEWS – Network extensible Window System NEXRAD – NEXt generation weather RADar NF – No Funds NFC – National Football Conference NFFE – National Federation of Federal Employees NFL – National Football League NFS – Network File System NG – National Guard NG – No Good NH – New Hampshire NHI – National Health Insurance NHL – National Hockey League (the “nation” is Canada, BTW)NIC – Network Information Center (ARPAnet)NIH – National Institutes of Health NIH – Not Invented Here NIM – Nuclear Instrumentation Module (an electronic instr.standard)NIMH – National Institute of Mental Health NIS – Network Information System (formerly yp)NISO – National Information Standards Organization NIST – National Institute of Standards and Technology (formerly NBS)NJ – New Jersey NL – National League (baseball)NLM – National Library of Medicine NLP – Natural Language Processing NLRB – National Labor Relations Board NLS – Network License Server NM – Nautical Mile NM – New Mexico NM – Night Message NM – No Mark; Not Marked NMOS – N channel Metal Oxide Semiconductor (N-MOS) (see MOS)NMR – Nuclear Magnetic Resonance NNE – North North East NNTP – Net News Transfer Protocol NNW – North North West NOA – NSWC Office Automation NOAA – National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration NORAD – NORth American Defense Command NORML – National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws NOS – Not Otherwise Specified NOSC – Naval Ocean Systems Center NOTIS – Network Operator Trouble Information System NP – No Protest NP – Nondeterministic-Polynomial NP – Notary Public NP – Noun Phrase NPA – Number Plan Area NPC – Non-Player Character (see PC)NPL – Non-Procedural Language NPN – Negative-Positive-Negative (transistor)NPN – Non Protein Nitrogen NPR – National Public Radio NQS – Network Queuing System NRA – National Rifle Association NRC – National Research Council NRC – Nuclear Regulatory Commission NRE – Non-Recurring Engineering (as in NRE costs)NRL – Naval Research Labs NRO – National Reconnaissance Office NRZ – Non-Return to Zero NRZI – Non-Return to Zero Indicates NRZI – Non-Return to Zero Inverted (magnetic tape, 800 bpi)NS – Not Specified NS – Nova Scotia NS – Nuclear Ship NSA – National Security Agency NSC – National Security Council NSE – Network Software Environment NSF – National Science Foundation NST – Newfoundland Standard Time NSW – New South Wales NSWC – Naval Surface Warfare Center NSWC – Naval Surface Weapons Center NT – New Testament NT – Newfoundland Time NT – Northern Territory NTEU – National Treasury Employees Union NTIS – National Technical Information Service NTN – Neutralized Twisted Nematic NTP – Normal Temperature and Pressure (see STP)NTSB – National Transportation Safety Board NTSC – National Television Standards Committee NTSC – Never The Same Color NTT – Nippon Telephone & Telegraph NU – Name Unknown NURBS – Non Uniform Rational B-Spline NUSC – Naval Underwater Systems Command NV – Nevada NW – North West NWS – National Weather Service NWT – North West Territories NY – New York NYC – New York City NYSE – New York Stock Exchange NZ – New Zealand NZUSUGI – New Zealand Unix System User Group, Inc.Morgan Harrington’s family is offering a reward of 0,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible.

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Hair: Black May wear a beard and mustache Eyes: Brown Last Seen: Charlottesville, VA Other Possible Locations: Virginia however, suspect could be anywhere in the USA Photo of Morgan Dana Harrington – (July 24, 1989 – October 17, 2009) For those who aren’t familiar with the case, Morgan Dana Harrington was a 20-year-old Virginia Tech student whose disappearance on October 17, 2009 initiated one of the largest searches in Charlottesville, Virginia’s history._____________________________________________________ Michael Roger Chitwood was abducted from his De Soto County home on August 12, 1975.Two days after his abduction, his body was found in the Kissimmee River in Okeechobee County.It is obvious that Chitwood was murdered and intentionally placed in the river but over 37 years later, his case remains cold._____________________________________________________ Kellie Jo Krum was 21-year-old and her daughter Kelsi Krum was 8 months when they vanished from their Arcadia home in De Soto County on August 11, 1994 at approximately PM – 12AM.Public Domain Acronym/Abbreviation Dbase2D – 2-Dimensional3D – 3-Dimensional3M – Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing4GL – Fourth Generation Language4H – Head, Heart, Hands, Health A – Aftermath A&M – Agricultural and Mechanical A/D – Analog to Digital converter (see ADC)A/P – Accounts Payable A/R – Accounts Receivable AA – Affirmative Action committee AA – Alcoholics Anonymous AA – Antiaircraft Artillery AA – Associate in Accounting AA – Automobile Association (in England)AAA – American Automobile Association AAAAAA – the Association for the Abolition of Abused Abbreviations and Asinine Aronyms AAAL – American Academy of Arts and Letters AAAS – American Association for the Advancement of Science – A. AMU – Atomic Mass Unit AMVET – AMerican VETeran ANA – American Nurses Association ANC – All Number Calling ANC – Army Nurse Corps ANDF – Architecture-Neural Distribution Format ANF – Automatic Number Forwarding ANG – Air National Guard ANI – Automatic Number Identification ANL – Argonne National Laboratory ANOVA – ANalysis Of VAriance ANPA – American Newspaper Publishers Association ANSI – American National Standards Institute ANZUS – Australia, New Zealand, United States AO – Account Of AOL – Absent Over Leave (see AWOL)AOS – Academic Operating System AP – Additional Premium AP – All Points AP – Associated Press APA – All Points Addressable APB – All Points Bulletin APDA – Apple Programmers and Developers Association API – Application Programming Interface APICS – American Production and Inventory Control Society APO – Army Post Office APP – Applications Portability Profile APPC – Advanced Peer-to-Peer Communications APR – Annual Percentage Rate (as in loan interest)APSE – Ada Programming Support Environment AQ – Accumulator-Quotient register AR – Address Register AR – Arkansas ARC – American Red Cross ARCNET – Attached Resource Computer local area NETwork ARO – After Receipt of Order ARPA – Advanced Research Projects Agency ARPANET – Advanced Research Projects Agency NETwork ARRL – Amateur Radio Relay League ARV – American Revised Version AS – Anglo-Saxon ASA – Acetyl Salicylic Acid ASAP – As Soon As Possible ASC – Accredited Standards Committee ASCAP – American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers ASCC – Automatic Sequence-Controlled Calculator ASCII – American Standard Code for Information Interchange ASDIC – Anti-Submarine Detection Investigation Committee (British for sonar)ASDSP – Application-Specific Digital Signal Processor ASG – Automated Sciences Group ASHRAE – Amer. CMD – Centralized Message Distribution CML – Current Model Logic CMMU – Cache/Memory Management Unit CMOS – Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (see MOS)CMRR – Common Mode Rejection Ratio CMS – Circuit Maintenance System CMSgt – Chief Master Sergeant CMU – Carnegie-Mellon University CMYK – Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, blac KCN – Canadian National (railways)CN/A – Customer Name / Address CNN – Cable News Network CNO – Chief of Naval Operations CNR – Canadian National Railways CNR – Carrier to Noise Ratio CNS – Central Nervous System CO – Cash Order CO – Central Office CO – Central Office (telephony)CO – Colorado CO – Commanding Officer CO – Conscientious Objector COB – Close Of Business COBOL – COmmon Business Oriented Language COC – Call of Cthulhu COD – Collect On Delivery; Cash On Delivery CODEC – COder-DECoder COER – Central Office Equipment Report COLA – Cost-Of-Living Allowance COMAS – Central Office Maintenance and Administration System COMPACT – COMmercial Product ACquisition Team CONS – Connection-Oriented Networking Session CORE – COntrolled Requirement Expression CORN – COmputer Resource Nucleus COS – Corporation for Open Systems COSMIC – COmmon System Main Inter Connecting frame COSMIC – COmputer Software Management and Information Center COSMOS – COmputer System for Mainframe Operation SCP – Canadian Pacific CP – Chemically Pure CP – Co Py CP – Command Post CP – Command Processor CP – the Canadian Press CPA – Certified Public Accountant CPFF – Cost Plus Fixed Fee CPI – Characters Per Inch CPI – Common Programming Interface CPL – Combined Programming Language CPM – Control Program for Microcomputers (sometimes CP/M)CPO – Chief Petty Officer CPO – Chief Post Office CPO – Customer Premises Equipment CPR – Canadian Pacific Railway CPS – Characters Per Second CPSR – Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility CPT – Ca PTain CPU – Central Processor Unit CPW – Certified Public Weigher CQ – Change of Quarters CQ – Charge of Quarters CR – Carriage Return (ASCII 15 octal)CRAM – Card Random Access Memory CRC – Chemical Rubber Company CRC – Cyclical Redundancy Character CREG – Concentrated Range Extension with Gain CRT – Cathode Ray Tube (also generic reference to a terminal)CRTC – Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission CS – Civil Servant CS – Computer Science; Computing Science CS – County Seat CSA – Confederate States of America CSAB – Computing Sciences Accreditation Board CSACS – Centralized Status, Alarm and Control System CSC – Computer Sciences Corporation CSDC – Circuit Switched Digital Capability CSF – Critical Success Factor CSI – Commercial Systems Integration CSIS – Canadian Security and Intelligence Service CSL – Coin Supervising Link CSM – Command Sergeant Major CSMA/CD – Carrier Sense Multiple Access/Collision Detection CSO – Central Services Organization CSOC – Consolidated Space Operations Center (at Colorado Springs)CSP – Control Switching Point CSR – Control and Status Register CSRG – Computer Systems Research Group CSRS – civil Service Retirement System CSS – Customer Switching System CST – Central Standard Time CT – Central Time CT – Connecticut CTC – Canadian Transport Commission CTC – Centralized Traffic Control (railways)CTD – Computing and Telecommunications Division CTIO – Cerro Tololo Inter-american Observatory CTNE – Compania Telefonica Nacional de Espana CTS – Compatible Timesharing System CTV – Canadian Tele Vision network CU – Close-Up CUA – Common User Access CV – Curriculum Vitae CW – Car Wars CW – Chemical Warfare CW – Child Welfare CW – Churchwarden CW – Continuous Wave CWO – Cash With Order CWO – Chief Warrant Officer CWRU – Case Western Reserve University CXI – Common X-windows Interface CY – Calendar Year CYO – Catholic Youth Organization CZ – Canal Zone D – Depth D&D – Dungeons & Dragons D/A – Digital to Analog converter D/F – Direction Finding DA – Days after Acceptance DA – Department of Agriculture DA – Deposit Account DA – Directory Assistance (/C = computerized, /M = Microfilm)DA – District Attorney DA – Don’t Answer DAC – Digital to Analog Converter DACCS – Digital Access Cross Connect System DAD – Draft ADdendum DAR – Daughters of the American Revolution DARPA – Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency DASD – Direct Access Storage Device DAT – Digital Audio Tape DATA – Defense Air Transport Administration DAV – Disabled American Veterans DB – Data Base DB – Deci Bels DBF – DBase Format DBME – Data Base Managment Environment DBMS – Data Base Management System (rdbms for Relational …)DBRAD – Data Base Relational Application Directory DC – Direct Current (dc, see also AC)DC – District of Columbia DCA – Defense Communications Agency DCA – Distributed Communication Architecture DCA – Document Content Architecture DCC – Descriptive Cataloging Committee DCCO – Defense Commercial Communications Office DCE – Data Communication Equipment DCL – Digital Command Language DCP – Distributed Communications Processor DCTS – Dimension Custom Telephone Service DD – Daredevils DD – Data Dictionary DD – Days after Date DD – Demand Draft DD – Dishonorable Discharge DD – Disk Drive DD – Doctor of Divinity DDC – Digital Data Converter DDD – Direct Distance Dial(ing)DDL – Document Description Language DDN – Defense Data Network DDP – Distributed Data Processing DDS – Doctor of Dental Science DDS – Doctor of Dental Surgery DE – Delaware DEA – Drug Enforcement Agency DEAR – Department of Energy Acquisition Regulation DEC – Digital Equipment Corporation DES – Data Encryption Standard DEW – Distant Early Warning (as in DEW Line)DF – Damage Free DF – Direction Finding DFC – Distinguished Flying Cross DFD – Data Flow Diagram DFE – Data Flow Editor DFM – Distinguished Flying Medal DFS – Depth-First Search DFW – Dallas-Ft.

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