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Diane is a 38-year-old industrial designer who lives in the west end.

She says “My personal style is put-together and modern, but relaxed.” She describes herself as “funny, humble and ambitious” and says “I run hard and fast when things make sense to me.” She likes eating out, working out and “catching up on Netflix.” Diane is single after being in a relationship for almost 20 years.

The waitress had to come back a couple of times to take our order, as we had been talking without paying attention to the menu. We had a lot more in common than we had realized from our online conversations.

Eventually Stephen asked the waitress if she could bring a variety of dishes to the table, which I thought showed a lot of confidence. I also liked that he didn’t seem to be a big drinker.

I reluctantly tried a dating app a few months later, based on a friend’s recommendation. I liked his bio, and I liked that he was also getting out of a long-term relationship.

I wished he had more photos, but the photos he did have were good: no drinks, no ball caps. I saw that a big pop-music concert was going to be in Toronto on the night of the date, and completely on a whim suggested that we see it.

We didn’t see much of the concert from that point onward.

The date had gone better than I could have ever imagined. We continued making out, which was all completely new to me, and made me feel a bit giddy and silly, but I just went with it.

We were also relieved that the majority of people in our section seemed to be in our age range, and not teenagers.Internet dating was in its infancy when I met my ex, and I always thought it must be so much fun to look through those sites, which seemed like infinite pools of singles.The fun faded quickly when I went on and realized that it’s pretty hard to get a feel for someone by reading a paragraph about them, and that there was an enormous amount of people to filter through.At one point during the show, the crowd was supposed to stand up, and we complied, only to continue kissing while standing.We were a bit embarrassed when we opened our eyes a short time later to realize that the song had finished and everyone around us was seated again.Once we got to our seats, we listened to a few songs, and then went back to kissing.

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