My stock portfolio with updating


Congratulations, we have now imported some data into excel!Notice that your column headings are already detected – this will be important later.Under this, click “Unmerge Cells” Now that we have our data all in their own cells, we can start deleting the rows and columns we don’t need.For example, rows 2 and 3 have our beginning cash, which we don’t need in our transaction history.

Close” (it should look like this): Now copy the data, select cell A1 in your blank excel spreadsheet, and paste.

You can find these on the “Graph My Portfolio” page.

This will open up a small window showing what your portfolio value was for every day of the contest.

To get your old portfolio values, you can copy and paste them out of the HTMW website..

First, you will need to get your historical portfolio values from the HTMW website.

If you click the drop-down menu under “Sort By”, excel lists all the column headings it detects (select “Date“).

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