Mormon dating website

So far, Mormon leaders have not followed this lead.

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Elder Keetch has represented the Church in several cases about child and sexual abuse. If Mormons are setting the “gold standard” for the rest of society in how to confront child abuse, then the rest of society is in trouble. My guess is that the alarming case of the San Diego abuser “Mr.

You see, Mormons believe that a family member can baptize a person as a Mormon, even if that person is dead.

Mormons believe that by baptizing a deceased family member as a Mormon, you can ensure that both they and you will be able to enter the Kingdom of God.

This reality of the motives behind the Mormon underground vault leads to additional questions.

Is the underground vault really just a massive genealogical archival facility, or are the baptism rituals practiced in an underground temple alongside the storage vaults?

To test just how extensive the Mormon collection of records is, I searched for my grandmother’s name – a woman who was born in 1917 and lived in a very small Northern Maine town until her death.

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