Mombasa hot girls


In boys’ volleyball, defending champions Mivumoni of Kwale were eliminated and their place taken by Msambweni, who are in Pool B with St Charles Lwanga (Mombasa), St George’s (Kilifi) and Timbila (Taita-Taveta).

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One special class graduated, there were in gowns and had flags- each child received a certificate and they were all smiling and laughing.

It was 4am and there was lots of people on the streets . When we arrived at the orphanage some of the children came to say hi to us.

After visiting each house where the Mama’s and aunties were working we ran to the park for play time.

He won a new school bag and new shoes (with polish), his mama was also given money 10,000kes which is about £80.00 as she had worked very hard all year making sure Kelvin worked hard.

His mama put the money straight in her bra to look after it, which was funny.

Then it was TV time, we all watch Sofia the first and the girls were playing with my hair, I think because it is very straight. After TV time Derek got a football out so dad, Cillian and I all played- it was really hot but lots of fun. Mama Jane, Precious, Chabetty, Rachel and Saidi all live there. The girls were studying hard for their exams in the morning.

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