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And while fans had been hoping that it may be a case of life imitating art for Zac Efron, 29, and Alexandra Daddario, 31, the pair recently denied romance rumours.'As far as I know, she hasn't said yes,' Zac told The Daily Telegraph this week.

The duo play on-screen lovers Summer and Brody in their upcoming film.

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The actress posted a snap of herself with her's and Zac's designated seating areas which were next to each other.

Vanessa, in a matching black-and-white dress, has to stop for mid-carpet repairs when someone steps on her train. I believe that is officially one time more than the veteran actor has smiled in all his movies combined.

: Osbourne can be heard over the loud speaker being asked if he wants to interview John Legend. : Zac gives the press bleachers one of his patented winks. : Vanessa Hudgens, clearly having major issues with her dress, walks into the theater holding up the front and fidgeting with whatever’s going on underneath.

Earlier this month, Neighbors star Zac fueled dating speculation when he kissed the brunette beauty at the MTV Movie & TV Awards.

As they waited to present together at the awards, the pair got cozy backstage.

I was giving an interview the other day and the lady was so nice, she was a sweetheart. No one’s gonna start hackling you because Wolverine can literally just (makes gesture of strangling). We don’t want to leave you out of the action, so all night long, Larry Carroll, Benjamin Wagner, Vanessa White Wolf and Jonathan Mussman will be logging on to tell you what’s going on backstage, in the bleachers and on the red carpet on Hollywood’s big night. PT in the Kodak Theatre: The theater is totally reconfigured — basically 13 or so semi circle seating sections in place of the usual orchestra seats. There will be some A-list singers performing on the show. And for the first year I recall, the show will feature men handing out the statuettes. : “Last year, I presented and this year ‘Bolt’ is nominated, so hopefully we’ll win,” Miley Cyrus says.

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