Late night science museum speed dating


The National Gallery | 1824: The première of Beethoven’s Symphony No.

9; the Egyptians capture Crete; ‘New Holland’ becomes ‘Australia’; Some government guys in Britain bought 38 paintings.

The Design Museum | Displays of cutting edge contemporary design and innovation through product, industrial, graphic, fashion, architectural and multimedia mediums in a small, Thames-side two levelled building with a balcony overlooking the river.

It’s that time of the month again and this time, it’s all about sex (baby)!

Which means you can also observe unsuspecting parents having ‘the talk’. Because it’s filled with everything you know about, but probably don’t really know about. Details: The British Museum | One of the world’s oldest museums of history and culture. Details: British Museum Lates: every Friday night with events taking place on the second Friday of the month including free tours, live concert-band music and performances ranging from stand-up comedy to Shakespeare.

Competition for entry is fierce and at 5.30pm tickets are issued to the first 200 people in line.

The Science Museum's monthly shindig remains one of the best and most popular.

Queues can stretch round the block close to opening time.

The Best Museums In London London has a total of eight museums and galleries in the ‘worlds top 100’ – more than any other capital city.

It has flora, fauna, design, science, history and culture.

Simply turn up, walk in for free, grab a glass of wine and enjoy the world-beating displays and live entertainment without the normal ruckus of children running about.

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