Khia and lil wayne dating multiple sclerosis dating someone


She quickly reminded Khia of her last hit and offered advice on what she believes she should be doing – workin’ on makin’ a hit record.

Then, the ladies turned the camera to their other ride or die who also had a few colorful remarks to throw in.

Check out the videos of Khia dragging Toya for her dating life: https:// Sm Gg F6x U/ https:// TUo Elae-/ Now, yall know Toya and Reginae weren’t gonna just let Khia get away with talkin’ out the side of their neck.

"Ice Cube, I'd have you melting in my mouth sucka," well, that wasn't really a diss "If women are tramps and what you say is true, then the one that had you must be a tramp too" She wanna talk about mommas. Another perpetrating sucker, you and Dre stick together like you're humping each other" This is great. Dre for the lipstick and garter belts in World Class Wrecking Cru, then she brought up DJ Yella was also in that group. This line hurt so much he addressed on the song "Life Is (Too Short) where he states "Eight years on the mic and I'm not joking" and on the song "I ain't Trippin" he states "Your sister's boyfriend told you I'm smoking every night, then you came to my show, and stood there so damn bold, you said, "Too $hort, man, you smoking" and I'm standing here dreamin' gold I ain't trippin' no more, really ain't worth my time." Yeah, she got you Short.Like Wendy Williams, Khia will always be a target for scrutiny simply because she’s so critical of everyone else.Khia might wanna tread lightly because eventually she’s gonna meet the right one.Now………When I said Happy Thanksgiving, I was not talking about Onika’s album because there was nothing “Happy” about it, and when I say I nothing… Cuz I carry this shit on top of “My Neck and My Back,” Solo Hoe! Now, I don’t want to sound like a hater because I did go out and spend my .99 on this”Mop-flop” of an album, so hopefully this review will give this BLOW-UP doll a little more promotion….. So while these bitches are fighting over whose ASS SHOTS are the biggest, give me an album without any CAMEOS and then you can talk to the Queen….. Someone needs to give this BITCH a FLEET Enima and “FLUSH” her IMMEDIATELY, She is nothing but a “Ghostwritten”, Weezy-wannabe WHORE! They soon realized other women did not give a damn about how sexy you think you are.

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