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Men and women who were either single or in a relationship completed a computer survey much like those seen in on-line dating websites, including questions about their likes, dislikes and romantic turn-ons.

Next, they were told the computer would match them up with a student in the database who responded similarly.

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According to a recent survey, 1 in 5 relationships begin with one or both partners involved with someone else.

But why would such beautiful, successful women pursue a man who is already taken?

A recently published study with my graduate student offers some initial insights into this behavior.

Clearly not everyone will act on these intentions, but increased interest in a taken man is likely the first step in the mate poaching process.

So why are single women more attracted to unavailable men?

Unless you've done your very best to shield yourself from all forms of media for the last few months, you have likely heard about the dissolving marriage between Jon & Kate Plus Eight stars Jon and Kate Gosselin.

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