Intimidating looking people


Such a character may even have actual skill at fighting and street survival, not by choice but by simple necessity.

Since it was forced on them, they to pick up those skills simply to survive.

That means a scowl or a smile provoked by emotion didn't factor into it — the researchers only looked at faces in "neutral" positions.

The expression will often include a Kubrick Stare, where the face tilts down but the eyes look up.When that trope and this one are brought together, it can result in Ugly Hero, Good-Looking Villain, though as mentioned above, the trope isn't always about attractiveness exactly. Sign in with Facebook, Wordpress or Google to leave your comments on all of our articles! See another that answers your coworker’s question about their dog?"We are, at best, very weak at being able to guess things about people from their faces," Christopher Olivola, who researches the psychology of human decision making at Carnegie Mellon University, told TODAY."The problem is, once we see a person's face, we put so much weight on that cue that we end up ignoring other, more useful pieces of information."In a recent study in the journal "Trends in Cognitive Science," Olivola and two Princeton University researchers looked at how people judge others based on facial features.What they found was strong evidence of "face-ism." Essentially, we decide that someone is trustworthy or competent or extroverted based solely on their facial features."Attractiveness, generally speaking, is always a plus," Olivola said.

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