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They're notoriously phone-skittish, preferring instead to text, or use one of a myriad dating apps available (mostly) for free.And all of this is making their love lives really confusing.We enjoy being with someone when we have an easy time communicating or when we have a lot to talk about. But one thing I can say from my dating experience is that a physical attraction will only take you so far.So you definitely have to have a strong intellectual connection as well.

If you haven't dipped your toe in the online dating pool yet, the prospect of diving in can be overwhelming.

And people breaking up with each other over texts now?

We had to break up with each other face to face back then.

their own form of it, comprising efficient meet-ups at bars and coffee shops -- than expensive dinner dates.

Millennials like their "hookup culture." They might want to get married, someday, maybe?

Ami Bera If I'm with a man, is that going to prevent me from achieving my goal?

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