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Francesca Hogi, matchmaker, dating expert, and former Survivor contestant shares her advice on dating during the holidays.

Plus, headlines including Dakota Johnson’s type, a new OKCupid feature, and the effects of spanking children on their love lives.

She had never met any of his family, not even the cousin he frequently spoke about. And whatever you do, don't make New Year's Eve the torture test of a relationship.

She took a poll amongst friends (male and female) and the consensus was to ask him. Many have had the worst of times and the best of times.

One friend shared an experience she had last Christmas. The closer the holiday season got, the more uncomfortable the relationship became. In our family, we don't hear wedding bells when we meet someone's date." What's the lesson? However, there's nothing wrong with extending an invitation to someone you like. Five months isn't a little amount of time, but it's not a lifetime.

She could tell that he had something to tell her, and she wanted to ask him about his plans but feared putting him on the spot. But holidays shouldn't be used as tools of gauging a relationship. No matter what, if knowing someone's plans is important to you, the sooner you ask, the better.

He offers these insights about dating, drawn from the 2012 round of Singles in America and the survey of 1,000 clients: Garcia said online dating has the benefit of making people aware of singles living near them, in their area or within their search radius. "If you make connections with people, it makes it much more difficult for you to treat them in an uncivil way.

"Adults with alcohol problems and under-aged youth may find alcohol unmonitored and plentiful even in homes where alcohol typically is not available." Stewart and Nowicke offer the following tips: Excessive drinking can lead to impaired driving, which can be deadly, and also "holiday heart syndrome." Nowicke said emergency room patients with no previous history of cardiac problems report having a “funny feeling” in their chest, which sometimes is diagnosed as atrial fibrillation and could require medication, monitoring, further testing and follow-up care. For more information about the prevention of abuse involving alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, visit the IPRC online.

She said the exact mechanism causing alcohol-related cardiac dysrhythmias is still under discussion in professional circles. Top For additional assistance with these items, contact Tracy James at 812-855-0084 or [email protected]

Garcia -- drawing data from both surveys -- said mid-December through mid-February is considered a peak period for online dating, with many singles grilled by friends and family about their solitary status.

"This is unique to humans," Garcia said in a statement.

This gives them time for "social reconnaissance" and to practice jokes and discussions with family and friends. The more you do it, the easier it becomes." Learn more about small talk in Carducci's book, "The Pocket Guide to Making Small Talk: How to Talk to Anyone Anytime Anywhere About Anything." Carducci can be reached at 812-941-2295 or [email protected] -- The potential for misuse of prescription drugs and alcohol during the holidays increases because of social gatherings, tradition and travel, so public health experts at the Indiana University School of Public Health-Bloomington have a simple message: lock up your Rx drugs and be mindful of the amount of alcohol you consume and make available.

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