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The water here is so clear that kayaks often look as if they are floating in the air just above the water.For insight into Grenada's rich and diverse history, check out the Grenada National Museum in the capital city of Saint George.The then Prime Minister Sir Eric Gairy thought it a good idea to have the 1978 Carnival culminate on Easter Monday and Tuesday which was to be celebrated in the later part of March.As expected that idea did not seat too well with the Conference of Churches and an impromptu survey through out the various denominations served as evidence that the wider populace was not in favor of combining one of the Holiest times of the year with a popular secular festival.But it’s also uniquely local and distinctly Caribbean...By Lincoln Depradine Visiting us for Carnival here are a few Travel Tips you should know Statement from the Grenada Board of Tourism on comments by the Commissioner of Police Relating to Deportment in Public The Tri-Island State of Grenada Carriacou and Petit Martinique gained independent state-hood status on February 07th 1974.An alternative date of May was then set and so the 1978 Carnival celebrations took place for the first time the fifth (5th) month of the year.With the Overthrow of the Gairy Government in March of 1979, and the ensuing tensions that followed the 1979 Carnival season was cancelled altogether.

Stand at one end of this captivating structure and you will see a mesmerizing view of the town of St.George; capturing the Melville Street Cruise Port, St.George’s University, the Carenage, and so much more.However, in 1980 the People’s Revolutionary Government of Maurice Bishop brought back Grenada’s biggest and most important cultural undertaking.The May date was adapted for the 1980 Carnival season, in fact the PRG used the occasion to assure the outside world that all was well with Grenada; at least the advertising for the Season suggested that.George with a history so rich, you can almost breathe it!

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