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'I'm using what's in those little square boxes.' Of course, when the jerk from accounting approaches, a wise woman mentions tampons by name, directly, and loud enough for him to hear while he has time to turn and run. Heavy periods meant evacuating all of the mice (due to extreme flooding, of course).Screamed loudly into dorm hallway, 'I need SERIOUS DRUGS and a HEATING PAD! With reference to other items on this page: As for the communists invading the summer house, we called it the red army and it invaded the southlands.I showed her where we kept the stash and told her to use what she needed.The next day we went out on the lake in small, inflatable rafts.I still think of Modess and Midol sometimes when Scott Joplin's name comes up in conversation.The Canadian flag is white with a large red maple leaf. It's not Easter but the rabbit's celebrating anyway.

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I'll try not to repeat what is already on the site (It's marvelous, by the way! We asked her to buy the Detroit or local daily instead.

We would describe the flow by what section we needed.

She had a brand-new red hooded sweatshirt tied around her waist.

As we were getting into the raft, she leaned over and dipped part of the shirt into the lake.

Waves came over the side and the raft filled higher and higher with reddish pink water. Any conversation including the words light, regular, and super means you need a tampon.

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