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As for complaining about the industry focusing too much on bands like Nickelback, Sleeping With Sirens and You Me At Six?They’re businesses, they’ll always promote what will sell, no different today than when Sigue Sigue Sputnik was created in the 1980’s.That bands are too enmeshed in maintaining their image to take risks when metal is meant to be about risk and being the bad boys of music.

One of the biggest selling country and western records of all time? As a genre metal has borrowed from almost every style in existence.As a genre we shouldn’t celebrate the extreme, but celebrate the music created.After all, it’s the fusion of guitar, drums, bass and vocals that gets us hooked on a band, not how much alcohol and drugs the band can consume before going out on stage.Even the sub genres have sub genres it’s evolved so much.For a true music fan there is something for everyone, be it the sanitised AOR of Nickelback, the heavy industrial power of Rammstein, or the soul crushing black metal of Darkthrone.Finally there is the argument that the media is playing it too safe.

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