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Recently picked up for a sixth season, the role would open up a whole new chapter in her life, including relocating to Toronto, where the series is filmed.

“I don’t sit around thinking about my titles and roles, I just do what feels right,” she says.

Newly appointed as ambassador for World Vision’s Clean Water Campaign, she was reluctant at first to take on another project. I did that gut check, and when I read the proposal—what they wanted to do in these communities in Rwanda—I had chills. ” Build a well and young girls don’t have to walk all day to gather water, making them less susceptible to trafficking and affording them the opportunity to get an education.

It took me a long time to find myself.” An opinionated youth, her mother allowed her to explore the things that would bring her happiness: “Flower, you will find your practice,” she would say.

Looking intense, Markle says, “There are days where I’m stressed out and think: . The health benefits and all that other stuff comes afterward.” A natural beauty and gifted actress, being biracial often left her in a grey place on the cusp of both worlds.

There comes a time when we need to say, ‘I have to take some time for me.’ I came to a point where I didn’t feel like I had a moment to breathe, so I had to learn gradually to give myself some quietude.” What are some of the practical things this busy woman does to stay grounded and remind herself to refocus?

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