Filipina punk dating

Its amazing how a sudden lack of sex can change your attitude These days, this sort of lifestyle presto-chango probably looks like poseurism at it's worst.But many of my art school / wanabe bohemian friends were going through the same sort of change.Each night, when I returned to my humble shack, ears still ringing and half drunk, I would write down my recollections of the evening.At first I only listed the names of the bands and the location of the gig, later on I included short reviews, dates and cover charges.were rumored to be Fullerton's first real punk band.They never made any records or became famous, but Fullerton bands such as the Adolescents and Social Distortion have cited them as an influence.After about eight months of this routine, she decided that we should move to her older sister's vegetarian commune in San Diego.I thought about it, but I just couldn't imagine myself living with a gaggle of robe-wearing retards, and eating carrots 365 days a year.

I had the misguided notion that these early punk gigs were "part of history", so I started keeping a record of which shows I attended.

The following is a transcription and expansion of my "Gig Diary".

I have omitted gigs that weren't particularly interesting, and entries where I couldn't read my handwriting.

Naturally, these mystic hippy rituals slowly became deadly boring.

The whole pre-PC, peace-fascist lifestyle was getting increasingly hard to tolerate. The wild experimentation and futuristic vision of punk made post-hippyism seem like an oppressive cliche.

I had discovered the first albums by groups like the Ramones and Sex Pistols, as well as singles by L. I was dating this tiny Filipina vegetarian chick with monster dread-like braids.

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