Equestrian dating singles


The site presents a chat area for affiliates to get to know each other in real time which is a great addition.Aside from the aspect in which you can view the profiles of members, there is also a “who is online” feature which can help signees to know who are online and help them start up a good conversation with the selected person.

• Location set up • Date set up • Attendees set up • Event Program set up The “Photo” area is the place where members can post pictures about their held events, competitions, races, or gatherings.Originally created during 2001 and is highly praised by web critics as the finest dating website for horse aficionados.Around a hundred thousand single horse enthusiast members from over 200 countries worldwide are currently out there to meet riding buddies, rivals, competitors and even live in this dating community.The “advanced search” can help those who are very selective in finding a companion or is particularly finding a person of the same interest.• Easy to Register • Exclusive Chat Area • View Member Profile • Who is Online • Advance Search Option The quick search option makes it possible for affiliates to rummage members that are near or far from your area may it be the opposite sex or the same.Trailers area is also available for members who are in need of transporting their horses to far places or for those that offer this service. It is also about sharing information, awareness and helping each other.

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