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Arguably, the advent of location based mobile dating apps such as Tinder has taken online dating to another level.

In addition to the speed with which such apps can be assessed compared to computer based dating sites, one of the major features of location based apps is that they allow users to connect with others based on their geographical location making it possible to find a date in the local vicinity.

For the measures of sociability which is the extent to which people like being in a social environment, and self-esteem which is a measure of a person’s self worth, there was little difference between each of the three groups.

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The technology has been one helpful tool for people who wanted to find a date but got no time.

Such quick and easy access to potential dates has left apps such as Tinder with the reputation of facilitating casual sex or hook-ups.

According to Jochen Peter and Patti Valkenburg casual sex or hook-ups are associated with sexual permissiveness and such behaviour is evident online as well as offline in other words, sexually permissive people who look explicitly for sex offline also seek this online (Peter & Valkenburg, 2007).

In fact this was a very unimportant reason participants gave for using Tinder.

When the researchers looked at gender differences in participants’ motivations for using online dating overall, the reason ‘to find sexual partners’ was cited far more by males than by females.

Why People Use Online Dating The reasons people give for using a particular type of dating platform might also reveal something about the type of person they are.

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