Difference between intervening and consolidating cases

In all these lines of original genius the plan pursued is the same,—to offer a free field to aspirants, and as soon as exceptional talent is recognized to release it from all trammels and let it have free course.The remission of other service in these cases is not intended as a gift or reward, but as the means of obtaining more and higher service.Every author has precisely the same facilities for bringing his work before the popular tribunal.To judge from the complaints of the writers of your day, this absolute equality of opportunity would have been greatly prized." the sole judges.The cost of an edition of an average book can be saved out of a year's credit by the practice of economy and some sacrifices.

"You will have so much of the most absorbing literature to read as to leave you scarcely time for meals these five years to come.

Of course there are various literary, art, and scientific institutes to which membership comes to the famous and is greatly prized.

The highest of all honors in the nation, higher than the presidency, which calls merely for good sense and devotion to duty, is the red ribbon awarded by the vote of the people to the great authors, artists, engineers, physicians, and inventors of the generation.

The newspaper press is organized so as to be a more perfect expression of public opinion than it possibly could be in your day, when private capital controlled and managed it primarily as a money-making business, and secondarily only as a mouthpiece for the people.""The government does not pay the expense of the papers, nor appoint their editors, nor in any way exert the slightest influence on their policy," replied Dr. "The people who take the paper pay the expense of its publication, choose its editor, and remove him when unsatisfactory.

You will scarcely say, I think, that such a newspaper press is not a free organ of popular opinion.""Nothing could be simpler.

The author fixes this royalty at any figure he pleases.

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