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At the end of a late night, he gets pushy in offering her a ride home, offering repeatedly over her protests.

After speaking to her as a boss — offering her praise, asking her how she is liking her position — he kisses her.

'In the course of these stories and this process, I was repeatedly putting myself in the mind-set of what it must be like to be a woman in the world today,' Schwimmer told Cosmo.

'When you've been objectified your entire life and become accustomed to being a second-class citizen in many, many ways — constantly told that you aren't worth the same as men, basically, and that your body comes first, or what you look like comes first — it makes a lot more sense to me that a lot of women don't even recognize when they’re being harassed.'He added that these films are to educate both parties — women who may not feel empowered to stand up against harassment, and men who may not realize what they are doing makes women uncomfortable.

David Schwimmer has collaborated on a new short film series that depicts what sexual harassment really looks like — which includes talking about grabbing women by their genitals.

The Friends star, 50, teamed up with a friend, Israeli-American director Sigal Avin, who wrote and directed the original series on sexual harassment to be distributed in Israel late last year.

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'It suddenly made him think, he doesn't hug the men on the crew, and there's a power dynamic in play, he realized. I thought that was really interesting for him to not only acknowledge, [but] for me to think about too.'Schwimmer and Sigal also take a shot at Donald Trump in the short film The Coworker, in which a male bartender makes inappropriately sexual comments to a female bartender — which she laughs off as 'part of the job'.

The male bartender casually references the phrase 'grab 'em by the pussy' before putting his hands on her backside, referencing President Trump's Pussygate video, an incident for which he has since apologized.

However, while the inspiration for the line is clear, Schwimmer insists that the video was not solely about calling out the President, or taking a stand against him.

'I realized that I really wanted to see what sexual harassment was instead of hearing about it and reading about it all the time.

There was nothing on it, everything was much more violent, or unreal, but there was nothing that showed the gray area of sexual harassment,' she told

'We don't want this to be a partisan issue because it's not,' Schwimmer explained.

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