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Par age of time, Sen Karnatak, Mugel emperors, British East India Company and at present non-resident Nepalese have held the governance of Terai respectively.

If we scrutinize the history of Nepal, the present capital city Kathmandu was only a transit point.

Both of them had changed their title from Khan to Shah.

At first Shah killed the Ghale Magar King with conspiracy and pretence, and then started their rule in Liglig of Lamjung.

In the period of 1513 to 1774 AD, Sen Rulers had extended their regime to Palpa, Makawanpur, Chaudandi, Bijaypur, Morang, and others.

Among the group of absconders/fugitives was forefather of present so called King Gyanendra, Bhupal Rao, the king of Chitaud with Rajasthani origin.

In 1768 AD, he attacked to the king of Nepal, Jay Prakash Malla.

In the army of Malla king, there were 12000 Tirhutia armies.

Then they unified both the states and made one state Gorkha.But those occupied land was snatched from the real owners of the land, who were terai people and was captured and distributed to royal family members, relatives, armies, officers and other employees as gifts, Birta, Math, Jagir etc and terai people, who were the real owners of the land, were compelled to work as land tillers.Like Prithvi Narayan Shah, after his regime, his successors continued the same policy to treat terai people.Tirhutia armies sharply defended against the organized army of Prithvi Narayan Shah.After defeating Jay Prakash Malla, Prithvi Narayan Shah terminated the Tirhutias from army force.Then all the terai people were excluded from the security force.

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