Dating with type 1 diabetes

Online dating for widows is no simple One is a meagre in the throbbing that means get wakefulness.

How will I certain if my ahead gets rid of go simple because of the Central Care Act.

This didn’t happen often, but still enough to where I tend put lots of thought into sleeping in beds that aren’t mine.

Sleeping in beds that aren’t yours can cause more issues than that though.

I feel like diabetes is my boyfriend at this point.

My testing kit is always accompanying me to dinner, it tends to hangout around my pillow at night, and I can get pretty mad at what it says…Which is the same thing as a boyfriend, right?

I’ll admit, I often left my glucometer at home when I went out since I didn’t usually carry a purse.

Adding insulin shots (eventually a pump), carb counting, and finger pricking to an already self-confidence depleting dating environment was probably not the best idea, but it’s not like I did it to myself.

Don’t forget to bolus for your chocolates and candy hearts!

Diabetic is an online diabetic dating service that caters to people that have diabetes and of course, any other singles interested in finding that special someone are welcome too.

As I became more comfortable with my shots and carrying my supplies, I thought all of the issues would subside, but of course, I was wrong. Waking up in someone else’s house with low blood sugar and coming to the realization that normal humans don’t keep juice boxes and fruit snacks on their bedside table…and the little food I had with me wouldn’t do the trick.

“Hey, I have to go home, my blood sugar is low,” or, “Um…Hi, do you happen to have a Gatorade or Coke nearby? Although, I’ll always appreciate one response which involved the guy reaching off his bed and grabbing two juice boxes, one for me, and one for him – because, why not?

I usually don’t stress too much over diabetes, as we all know that just causes more problems than it solves.

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