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Actually, all functionalities that are made with technologies always work in all browsers!

And again, notice the semicolon after the code line.

They state in their "about" section that they have no problem with the members exchanging personal contact information with their ladies and as a matter of fact, they encourage it! The site is very slick and appealing and it even works fairly well.

I'm not looking specifically for scam sites, so if I ever find a legitimate site, I'll post a review about them as well.

From lesson 1 and 2, you now know a little about what PHP is, and you've installed (or have access to) a server.

"WE PAY THESE WOMAN TO WRITE LETTERS TO YOU STUPID! Whoever does own this site has gone to a great deal of trouble requiring that the woman listed there remove themselves from every other site that they were previously listed on.

When I first joined, I started Google-ing the profile statements of the hottest women they had listed.

It is also important to note that the HTML code contains only the date - not the PHP codes.

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