Dating sites for political people

Other studies have found big discrepancies between what people say they want and the choices they make when actually searching.

If I were reading this list and making my choices, I would interpret that purpose of the exercise is to indicate activities that I would like to do with my potential mate.

"Before I knew this one existed, I was surfing the other websites.

I was just not happy with the quality of men that I was finding at all.

Then when I came across this web site, I’ve had much better luck on this site than the other sites because it’s specialized, because it attracts a different breed of people.” Political Matchmakers Alex Fondrier, co-founder and chief executive officer of Political Matchmakers, conceived the idea for the site after experiencing difficulty meeting people who shared his passion for politics.

“Knowing how big the online dating industry is, but there wasn’t a site out there for politics," Fondrier says.

One potential reason this might be the case is because women who are more financially successful have less need for resources from potential mates.

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