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Hi this is Sanjeev from Bombay but settled in Bangalore for past 7 years.I was working as Manager for an International Out-Bound Travel company and off late have started with my own business of international tours based ..She has her radio show wherein she tells relationship advice that can be used by single people to find their match.A lot of times, single people are unable to find the right one for them because they are afraid that they are going to be back at the dating scene again.There are 10 questions that you have to answer and they will be answered quickly too.By knowing what you want, you will be aware of your negative behavior so that you can correct them at the soonest possible time. First Date Starter Kit – This is for people who are just starting to date.

Sometimes, it is all about finding the perfect match – that one person whom you know is “the one.” It does not mean that just because a couple has gotten married, that is where the relationship ends. Not everyone who gets married stay married and in love.This is also effective for people who have gone out of long-term relationships and would like to get a feel for how it is to date again. Dating Site Seduction System – This will allow people to know how they can attract the right people in their lives.This comes in a step by step instruction guide that can be followed easily. 30 – Day Dating Playbook – The best thing about this is that it will allow you to connect with other people who are going through the same things that you are experiencing and you can all help each other out.This playbook comes with a lot of exercises and advice that you can use for dating effectively.Damona is always available for her clients because she wants to help different people.seeking a joyful soulmate - to share a life of joy, love, peace, harmony & 'freedom', of exploration & travel, of enjoying the little things, good food & music, meditation & yoga, and relaxing in nature: ) casual or I'm a modest and serious person with positive views on life, I'm not a conflicting person.

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