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When Pinarello released the Dogma 2 at the Tour de France last year, it could hardly have been a more understated way to put a new bike beneath two World Tour teams.There were no flags and balloons, no PR people and certainly nothing to test ride.2001-02-07 PDT San Francisco -- The media frenzy surrounding the fatal mauling of a San Francisco woman by a Presa Canario dog could have been bad news for the future of the obscure canine breed.

As you can imagine, the pinnacle of the Pinarello range doesn't come cheap, starting at £3,950 for the frameset and rising to £4,200 for the black on black with internal electric cabling.

"There have been several attempts to create the ultimate canine fighting machine, but it always comes back to the pit bull," Beals said.

"I don't think these (Presa Canarios) will ever replace the pit bull.

In fact it would have been amazingly easy to miss it.

Fast-forward to this year and getting our hands on a test bike certainly wasn’t easy.

"We have people who want weapons -- not dogs." After Whipple's death, breeders like Vyatkin braced themselves for hate e- mail and nasty calls. "We receive calls every day from people who are interested in fighting dogs, " said Vyatkin, who raised the grandmother of the dog that killed Whipple. The breed was near extinction by the 1950s and was brought back when it was mixed with mastiffs and others.

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