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While the message in itself is ominous and surely must have been vetted by a government body, it is not clear how it will be enforced.It doesn't look possible that the government will be monitoring the whole world wide web, looking for people may access or try to access a blocked URL.In India, most of the URLs and websites were blocked using DNS-filtering.This means the DNS of the blocked site was added to a list maintained by the internet service provider and whenever a user tried connecting to that site, the DNS server of the internet service provider would block that request.Of late, however, the government bodies were not only experimenting in how to implement the blocks but were also trying to figure what message to show to users.Recently, the blocked URLs also gave out not reachable error without specifying any message.

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It is also ineffective if a site uses HTTPS or in other words encryption to secure the network between the user's computer and the site server.The interesting bit here is that once a URL is blocked it remains blocked, even years after the release of the film.Update: The new message that you may have started seeing on the "blocked" URLs in India is possibly result of a recent court directive.The latest warning message clearly implies that the URL blocking is now happening at the internet gateways - in this particular case for the example the gateway is seemingly managed by Tata Communications - and that is more difficult to circumvent.The connection on which this message was served is from MTNL. We sent an email to Tata Communications at the specified address to get more information but it bounced back (see above).ok I am a little worried now because I have been using piratebay for quite sometime but now I get viruses and malware attacks because of which I had to install windows 2 times. I did a research on my own on different torrent websites and a review showed me different categories but the problem is that it also includes piratebay which begs to question, is the list reliable enough?

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