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(variations: Devora, Debra, Deborah) Dinah Dinah means "judgment." Dinah appears in the Bible as the daughter of Jacob and Leah.(Genesis ) (variant spellings: Dina, Deena) Efrat Efrat means "honored, distinguished." Efrat appears in the Bible as the wife of Caleb (1-Chronicles ).Hodaya Hodaya means "praise God." Idit Idit means "choicest." (variation: Edith) Ilana Ilana means "tree." In kabbalah, the numeric value of Ilana (96) equals the "throne of God." (variations: Elana, Ilanit) Irit Irit means "asphodel," a flowering perennial, several species of which are native to the Holy Land.Keila Keila is a Yiddish name derived from the Hebrew word "Keli," which means "vessel." A talented person is often referred to as "Keli" – a complete vessel, capable of performing great things.Aviva Aviva means "springtime." Ayala Ayala means "deer." The name is often associated with the biblical Naftali, who is compared to a swift deer (Genesis ).Ayelet Ayelet means "musical instrument," as in Psalms 22:1.Gavriella Gavriella means "God is my strength." (variation: Gabriella) Geula Geula means "redemption." Gila Gila means "joy." In kabbalah, Gila means "to reveal God," which is a great source of joy. (variation: Goldie) Hadassah Hadassah is the Hebrew name of Esther, who saved the Jews in the Purim story from Haman's genocidal plot, as recorded in the biblical Book of Esther.

A different Devorah was the nurse of Rebecca (Genesis 35:8).

(variations: Batia, Basya) Bat-Tziyon Bat-Tziyon means "daughter of Zion," or "daughter of excellence." (variant spellings: Bat-Tzion, Bat-zion) Bayla Bayla means "beautiful." It may also be related to the name Bilhah, who was the mother of Dan and Naftali, two of the 12 tribes of Israel.

(Genesis and 30:3) (variant spelling: Baila) Bina Bina means "understanding, intelligence, wisdom." Bracha Bracha means "blessing." Bruriah Bruriah means "clarity of God." Bruriah was a great Torah scholar during Talmudic times, the wife of Rabbi Meir.

Carmel Carmel means "vineyard, garden, orchard." (variations: Carmela, Carmelit, Carmiela, Carmit, Carmiya) Chana Chana means "grace." This name is associated with the ability to create beautiful prayers; Chana appears in the Bible as praying to God, and then giving birth to the prophet Samuel. 1) (variant spellings: Hana, Hannah) Chava Chava means "life." Chava appears in the Bible as the first woman (Genesis ).

(variations: Eve, Hava, Havi, Chavi) Chagit Chagit means "festive, celebration." Chagit appears in the Bible as King David's wife (2-Samuel 3:4).

Esther saved the Jews in the Purim story from Haman's genocidal plot, as recorded in the biblical Book of Esther.

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