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Whilst care should always be exercised in such on-line contact this should not detract from, what can be to some, a fulfilling and ideal way to find romance and there are many many examples that prove this.More and more couples meet online or via dating apps – however, cyber criminals often use these channels to target vulnerable people for financial gain.

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This type of activity is aimed at people who have a profile on a dating site.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, the Dating Fraud Partnership has published new advice to help people looking for love avoid becoming a victim of online fraudsters.

People spend much of their lives online, communicating and meeting new people via social networks, and millions of people have found their partners through online dating.

It is said that 1 in 4 relationships now start with on-line contact, and internet dating is increasingly popular with people looking for love and potential future spouses.

Because of the nature of the internet it is now possible to have contact with prospective partners not just in the UK, but globally.

If they have been unprepared to provide a landline telephone number or an address then they may have such intention in mind.

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